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Evaluation system

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  • Those students who wish to opt for the project report preparation system (recommended) will not be expected to do a written exam. Their capacity to carryout this project will be specially assessed; it will help them to know how to prepare reports on technical themes and will defend them in their future professional lives. Score of Theory= [5xDELIVERIES OF DRAFT AND FINAL REPORT) + 3x(ORAL PRESENTATIONS) + 2x(ATTENDANCE or GENERAL THEME)]/10. The general theme will not be required if class attendance exceeds 60%. If students cannot attend classes on a regular basis, they will make up for this byundertaking a alternative activity that consists in general type work to be assigned by the teacher. It is particularly useful for students granted with ERASMUS stays, or similar, or for those undertaking a occupational work (valid for calls in June, September and December). FINAL MARK = [8x(theory) + 2x(practice)]/10. If students do not opt for this system, the theoretical mark will consist in sitting a final written examination. This exam will consist in 10 questions that the student will answer about the course subject matter, including the classes presented by the teacher and the assignments presented by students. The teacher may orally ask students questions about what they have written. The assessment of Practice entails laboratory attendance, student attitudes in the laboratory and the reports of the results. Alternative activities may be assigned to students who find it difficult to attend laboratory practices given the timetable. The marks obtained in the theory or practice are maintained for the next year course

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