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Evaluation system

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  • The learning outcomes/objectives will be assessed by presenting students with certain questions/puzzles during the first week of the semester (first quiz or first homework). Similar questions/puzzles will be asked again at the end of the semester (last quiz or last homework). A comparison of the answers to these two set of questions - or better, the process by which the students come to an answer and the arguments put forward by the students will allow an assessment of how well the learning objectives have been achieved.
  • To encourage to the student to follow the learning process successfully, a continuous evaluation system will be used. Durinig this process, all activivities related to theoretical and practical clases, project-based group works, and seminars will be taken into account before giving the final assessment. It will be 80% of the total score.
  • In addition, a practical work will be developed and presented   to the audience (teacher and other studentes). It will be 20% of the total score.

  • To pass the course each student will be required   to be atended, at least, to 80% of lessons.

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